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Grow Your Business With A Worry-Free Website

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Dollars and cents


Our pricing model is simple. We charge $150 for each page created by us. If you want to add your own pages or blog posts, it’s absolutely FREE! Each website comes with 30 days of free hosting, and you always have the freedom to take your site to a different hosting provider whenever you want.

While the other guys are stuck in the past, we can lead you to the online promised land. And don’t worry, if you need something more custom than our standard plan we got you covered, most likely at a fraction of the price of the competition.

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Start Small

With our unique approach to web development, you can start growing an online presence for as little as $150.

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Grow Big

Our solutions are infinitely scalable, so when your business takes off and traffic explodes, we’ve still got your back.

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Save Money

We are the world’s most affordable option to start building your web presence. Now what’s your excuse?

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Be The Best


Our mission is clear: to build you the best possible website at the best possible price. Some folks try to do that by cutting corners and using offshore labor. Not us. Every One Fiddy™ website is hand crafted in Colorado, using the latest in modern web technology.

Even better, we pride ourselves in affordable service after the sale. In fact, your website will most likely be supported by the exact same person who built it. And when you decide to host your website with us, you don’t just get hosting, you get a personal relationship with someone who has the heart of a teacher, and can guide you on your web journey.

Best of all, we promise not to subject you to high pressure sales techniques. If you want to work with us, great. If not our feelings won’t be hurt. Our top priority is to serve, and we hope you allow us to serve you.

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Done For You

Let’s face it, the do-it-yourself route is a long, painful, and potentially expensive journey. If you’re a business owner, do you really have time to build your own website? Luckily We’re here to build you the best website at the best price.

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With The Highest Quality

Not all websites are the same. In fact, some are downright inadequate. From inaccessibility to poor performance, a bad website can sink your business. Every site we build is fast, accessible, and SEO friendly, allowing your business to stand out from the crowd.

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And The Best Support

Your website will be supported by 100% U.S. based developers. No more language barrier or being ghosted by web developers in countries you can’t even find on a map. Our sites are super reliable, but rest assured we’ll be available to talk when you need us.



We offer hosting and support in one convenient package, so you know you’ll always have someone to talk to. Every plan includes up to 10 minutes of free support every month, more than enough for most small businesses.

Each hosting plan is tailored to your needs, and unlike other hosting providers, we never lock you in. Plans start at just $50/mo. and you are free to leave whenever you want. We can even facilitate your site migration (at a competitive rate) if you should ever choose to leave.


You might think that a $150 website would be low quality, slow, or generally bad. You would be wrong. One Fiddy Websites builds websites that score higher than nearly all of our competitors, most of whom charge about 10x more than we do. Why do they charge so much? Who knows. Maybe they have to make their Lamborghini payments.

Anyways, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just check out our results from the definitive website quality checker, Google’s “Page Speed Insights”, and compare them to the competition.